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Ellehammer Ejector

SKU : Ellehammers03
Multiple functionality
Ejectors are extremely suitable for a great variety of marine purposes
*Bilge ejectors are used for all sorts of bilges, e.g. cargo hold bilges, chain lockers, sewage tanks, sludge from cargo hold cleaning etc
*Stripping ejectors for ballast water and cargo oil, and for stripping of the remaining oil in sludge tanks
*Vacuum ejectors are perfect for evacuating tanks and for priming pumps
*Ejectors are produced as portable with hoses as well as for fixed installation
*Ejector pumps are able to work with other media than water and since they contain no moving parts, they are useful for a large variety of applications such as explosion fluids and gasses
*Ellehammer ejectors are produced for marine vessels of all sizes- individually designed and optimized to any given assignment