ABC Compressors

ABC Compressors for multiple industrial applications

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ABC COMPRESSORS is able to supply a complete range of reciprocating compressor solutions for multiple industrial applications: autoclave, high pressure air or gas injection for enhanced oil recovery, capture and storage of CO2 (CCS), thermosolar energy, fat hidrogenation... covering gases from nitrogen, to carbon dioxide or hydrogen.

Thanks to the accumulated valuable experience, ABC has awarded the full confidence of the market, granting the operation of all piston compressor facilities under optimal conditions of lowest cost and long-term reliability.

The main features of the reciprocating compressor sets are the following:

· Oil-free or lubricated piston compressor supply, with belts or with direct coupling.
· Choice with low and medium voltage panels and between cooling towers or air coolers.
· Condensate control in saturated gases is available.
· Useful reciprocating compressor for ATEX/NEC/NEMA classified areas or for sets under European Directive 2006-95/NEC non classified areas.