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VS-VG - Vertical Multicellular Centrifugal Pumps

SKU : Bom7

The VS-VG series are vertical multicellular centrifugal well pumps. They can be installed where vacuuming conditions are limited or where regulations do not allow negative vacuuming. The pump is supported by sections of column pipes, and shafts with sleeves that connect it to the outside. An external head fulfills the double mission, to discharge the pumped liquid, and to transmit to the pump the power of the motor it supports. Custom fabrication for every application and installation.

Some of its advantages are :

  • Good hydraulic performance, higher yields
  • Its configuration allows to increase/decrease the pressure, adding or eliminating phases.
  • Eliminates priming complications, pump always in charge (submerged)
  • Eliminates problems in aspiration
  • Avoids air intakes
  • No pump-motor alignment problems
  • Less noise pollution
  • Cost reduction, minimum maintenance.
  • No bench needed, reduced installation space
  • Less civil works
  • Longer service life