Damcos MAS 2600 Tank Contents Transmitter

SKU : Damcos02
The MAS 2600 is a 2-wire 4-20 mA level transmitter consisting of a transducer, an amplifier and an interconnecting cable.

Transducer - The transducer is a pressure sensitive silicon micro strain gauge sensor mounted in a glass to metal seal. The sensor is protected by an isolation diaphragm, welded to the transducer housing, with an oil filling between the sensor and the diaphragm. Pressure changes on the front of the diaphragm will bring a resistance change in the Wheatstone bridge of the transducer. This change in the Wheatstone bridge will be transmitted to the amplifier as a change in the electrical signal. The transducer is fully welded, housed in titanium with a titanium diaphragm. All transducer types are submersible (IP68).

The transducer is available in two versions:
  • Gauge version
  • Absolute version
As optional the transducer is available with a built-in Pt100 temperature sensor.

Cable - The cable is available as a standard version and as a high temperature version.

Amplifier - The amplifier is available in the following options: • Programmable version: Calibration is made by dip switches and potentiometers • Differential version: For measuring of both pressure and vacuum The amplifier is housed in a sea water resistant polyester casing (IP56).