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Wangen KL-R BIO-MIX with Hopper, Auger & Mixing Chamber

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The reliable solution, specifically for your biogas system.

The WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps have been integrated in the process of energy production for years and have have been constantly developed and optimized. They are suitable for corn and grass silage, solid and liquid manure, as well as waste and are mixed with fluids in the pump.

The KL-R BIO-MIX is able to cope with long distances and height differences. The wear-protected cardan joints, in conjunction with the worm pre-conveyor are extremely resistant to foreign bodies and contribute to the long lifetime of the pumps.

Click here to see the video on how Wangen BIOMIX works.

Click here to see the video on how Wangen BIOMIX works along with Wangen KL-S for Biogas System.


• Fruit, such as apples or pears
• Fish waste
• Slaughterhouse waste
• Food waste
• Whole plant silage
• Cereal shreds
• Grass
• Corn silage
• Recirculated products
• Pomace
• Sugar beets
• Liquid manure, also chicken or cow manure