Wangen Pumpen

Wangen KL-R Pump with Hopper and Auger

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Wangen KL-R Pump with Hopper and Auger for pumping viscous and dehydrated sludges.

Particularly suitable for the pumping of liquids or pasty products from pits and underground tanks. The Fluids, wheter liquid, sticky, abrasive, with suspended solids or viscous, is transfered smoothly without destroying their structure or losing quality. In addition to the solution with cast iron hopper, it is also offered the solution with stainles steel hopper.

• Drained sewage sludge
• inorganic sludge
• Food waste, including fish
• electroplating, iron oxide, coal flotation, gypsum and Water sludge
• Tar
• Dispersion glue, starch glue and PVC adhesive
• Lead button
• Polishing paste