Wangen Pumpen

Wangen KL-RQ for pumping sludge in waste water water treatment plants

SKU : 14
The KL-RQ Triplex high performance jet pumps are our first choice for dewatering sludges with high dry substance content.

• KL-RQ: extra large feed tray and chain conveyor for extremely high solids levels.


• Clearing and refining sludge
• Dewatered sewage sludge up to 45% TS
• Organic and inorganic sludge
• Iron oxide sludge and electroplating sludge
• Coal flotation sludge
• Gypsum sludge
• Gravel wipes
• Industrial waste water
• Lead button
• slaughter, food and fish waste
• adhesive, PVC adhesive, dispersion adhesive, Starch glue
• Polishing paste
• Tar, concrete