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Wangen KL-RS for Silos

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Wangen KL-RS for Silos

For reliable conveying of dewatered sludge and pasty media

Used for pumping the dehydrated sludge from silos tower or collection bunker for the continuous feeding of dryers and incinerators, the KL-RS pumps are designed to be flanged directly below the silo. The installation does not require a base frame and the pump is easily inspected, so as to reduce the maintenance time.

• KL-RS: for direct mounting under silos.


• Clearing and refining sludge
• Dewatered sewage sludge up to 45% TS
• Organic and inorganic sludge
• Iron oxide sludge and electroplating sludge
• Coal flotation sludge
• Gypsum sludge
• Gravel wipes
• Industrial waste water
• Lead button
• slaughter, food and fish waste
• adhesive, PVC adhesive, dispersion adhesive, Starch glue
• Polishing paste
• Tar, concrete