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Wangen Vario Twin

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Wangen Vario Twin Screw Pump

VarioTwin is the feeder unit for twin screw pumps WANGEN Twin 104 and 130. It is useful for pumping highly viscous products, not fluids. This is made possible thanks to the conveying force into the pump by means of a screw feeder. To cover the widest range of possible applications, the length of the hopper can be designed in various sizes. This is precisely the reason why it is named VarioTwin.

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• highly viscous mixtures for baking
• fruit, such as strawberries, frozen
• Vegetables such as potatoes
• highly viscous chocolate compounds, pasta for further processing of wafers, marzipan and sugary mixtures (licorice, etc ...)
• High viscosity Dairy. as the curd
• Products containing meat, as additives in production of food products
• high viscosity products from soybean (okara)
• meat products, such as blends of raw reconstituted meat, minced meat, meat from sausage, etc ...
• Fibre-containing extracts for the cosmetic industry (Creams, ointments or soaps)
• Chemical products of high viscosity, such as glues (including the one for wood), or raw materials and pastes.